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Learning how to create animation is a new skill for me.  I’ve been interested in using animated shorts, as part of training, for some time, and our web support articles are the ideal place to begin my learning (under close scrutiny from our video master; Calum C).

Here at Curtis Fitch we use three animation tools; Moovly, Prezi and PowToons.

So, why bother learning a sometimes complicated, animation software tool?

Well, animation can help liven up a dry subject.  Let’s say you’ve got to write a how to…… guide on making a cup of tea.  An article only using text will be very dull.  Throw an animation tool, say PowToons, into the mix and you have something lighter.

We used Moovly to bring a simple case study to life.

“Clare Jones (buyer) is off, but didn’t activate her out of office on her work email.  This means when you send an email replying to a message she sent earlier in the week, you assume she’s working and wait for a reply.  She hasn’t told you who else you could speak with so you can’t direct your query elsewhere.”

In this PowToon’s animation the dull (and often annoying) job of telling people how to pronounce your surname is livened up by Beth Ziesenis.

Graphics can sometimes explain concepts better than words.  We’ve helped our suppliers by explaining the concept of each eAuction type we use; English, Japanese, Dutch and MUA.

We created an article using text to cover key facts and a Prezi animation.

Click here to learn more.


Brad Whitworth uses Prezi (without sound) in this animation to tell us why communication’s the next big thing.

Here’s a good example, designed by Moovly, of when an animation works better than plain old text for explaining a concept.

In keeping with Curtis Fitch’s spirit, let’s not forget animation can be fun, as well as light hearted, as this Moovly example demonstrates.

Not only can animation make life more fun, Moovly and PowToons are available free of charge (Prezi offers a free trial).

What more could you want?

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