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By Dave Webley

The big idea- getting involved in development

At Curtis Fitch we are always looking at new and exciting ways to keep you up to date with our new development pipeline. Our community of users is important to us and we want to make sure your voice is heard.

This is a concept that’s already working really well for big businesses like Sony who manage feature requests with the PlayStation console in a really efficient and transparent way. Building block boffins, Lego, have also devised ways to capture customer concepts. ‘Lego Ideas’ allows Lego fans to suggest and vote on new set designs. So, let’s take a closer look at how these companies take on board their customer feedback.

PlayStation Share:

Even though Sony is managing a huge product they still recognise its important to involve the community in shaping its future. Community users get to suggest and vote on features and using a simple status workflow it’s easy to see what’s coming in new updates. To make it easy to see what is being worked on Sony break the data down into the following numbers:

Ideas in action

Ideas submitted by the community
Total comments to date
Total votes to date

Lego Ideas:

Even the world largest toy company can connect with its customers to help drive new products. Lego Ideas takes the simple voting system to another level allowing people to suggest a new Lego set they would like to see. If a suggested project gains the minimum amount of support (10,000 votes) it will be reviewed by Lego. Successful projects then go on a journey to become a new set available to purchase.

Why Voting Works:

 As a software company we want to be able to make sure that the features we develop will enhance the product in a way our users can directly benefit from. It’s not possible to action every request but processes similar to Sony or Legos’ will allow us to focus on what’s most important to our users and in line with Curtis Fitch’s strategic direction.

We feel that giving people the power to vote and see requested features is not only fair and transparent but it gives us the ability to focus on the items that people care about the most.

After reviewing how this is achieved in other markets we have initiated a project designed to give our users an environment where they can make new development requests and understand if they have been selected for future development.

This project is still in it’s infancy but we have our eye firmly on the future, looking to create an innovative way to capture our customers’ ideas and work collaboratively with our end users to develop the CF Suite technology.

Why not share your thoughts on, or experiences of, how other companies manage features and customer ideas. We’d love to get your feedback.


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The big idea- getting involved in development