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By Kelly Rogers

As part of our ‘working for CF series’ we continue to look at what it’s really like behind the office doors?
From our CEOs to newly hired graduates we look to get real, honest insight into the Curtis Fitch experience and will be posting a number of articles that looks at the people behind the business.
This week we catch up with Dave Webley who has been with the company for 8 years… want to find out about his career development and what has kept him here so long? Read on.

I joined CF in January 2007 as a junior developer when there was only 6 people working at the company in a pretty tiny office space.
Whilst I was supporting from an administrational perspective and shadowing the more senior developers I was, from the outset, given the opportunity to start working on the product which was very exciting for a junior developer. From the very beginning I felt valued.
The big change for me and where I really felt the shift in my career was when I moved away from developing completely and focussed solely on management. Honestly, I was pretty nervous about taking this jump but I felt completely supported by the business and, I guess, fortunate to have been given the opportunity to step into a management position and really start to influence and shape the product.  One of the things we do here at Curtis Fitch is give people a chance and I think that’s really important- because you feel valued and intrinsic to the company’s success.
And now… in the last 18 months I have seen my role diversify again taking on the management and implementation of ISO 27001. Effectively I had the opportunity for secondment into this remit, learnt a whole new skill set and have set a standard for our approach toward security whilst still retaining my core technology background. That’s been a great experience.
Why have I stayed here so long?  You’re genuinely given an opportunity to shine. Rather than being handed the rule book we’re setting the rules. This is quite rare- we’re actually allowed to help define and shape this company which makes you feel incredibly proud and close to its success as a team. I feel, that at a relatively young age, I have been handed a tremendous opportunity (and responsibility!) something which I don’t feel I would get in a corporate environment. The feeling of being valued should never be unvalued– I think it’s key to your happiness as an employee and team member.
You spend a lot of time at work so it’s really important you enjoy the time you’re here. I feel really lucky that I get to come in every day and work with such a great bunch of individuals. Your work family is your day to day support network and if you add an exciting product and great customer network to the mix then you’ve got yourself a brilliant working environment. Even on the most challenging days you know everyone is behind you.
We are given the opportunity to solve the business problems ourselves, to come up with the ideas and to explore these ideas too… it’s exciting that I have been entrusted to do this and given freedom in my role. We truly work in an agile and adaptable way and this has become completely core to our ethos. Even as we have grown this feeling of adaptability has never been diluted and, as a result, we have even developed a product that is completely adaptable and customisable. Even our product represents our values!
So finally, why do I continue to choose Curtis Fitch?  I know that here, we are always changing, improving and transforming. That’s exciting. I don’t want to think that in 2 years time I’ll be doing the same thing I am today and, at Curtis Fitch, I know that won’t be the case. As a company we don’t want to stand still, and we’re not going to stand still. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?
Kelly Rogers
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