Curtis FitchCurtis Fitch

(De Beers Global Sightholder Sales)

Curtis Fitch and Debeers

DBGSS (De Beers Global Sightholder Sales) have gone from lock down nightmare to customisable utopia since choosing CF Suite.

We catch up with the systems manager, Kabo, to find out how, since implementing CF Suite, things have got easier.

‘Prior to implementing Curtis Fitch we had an ‘overly’ bespoke, complex and rigid system that took longer than desired for any deployments and/or updates. By providing a workable COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf), Curtis Fitch (CF) addressed a key need with this system. As a result less time was required to implement a solution for clients and we had the ability to quickly tweak and/or launch new/existing applications without a need for extensive development time. Working with Emma Wood & the CF team made a potentially arduous process really enjoyable.

Helpful, responsive, knowledgeable and a pleasure to interact with. Definitely made a huge difference.’

Kabo Bolthole, Systems Manager, De Beers Global Sightholder Sales