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Earlier last year we scheduled an Auction for the UK’s largest airline, easyJet.

New to auctioning we supported easyJet through all the setup, strategy and the execution.

We caught up with easyJet following their first experience of CF Managed Events and the CF Suite Auction technology.

How would you describe your overall experience of Curtis Fitch managed events?

‘Very easy, professional and comprehensive. Given my lack of resource I didn’t have as much time to focus on this auction so I was relieved when Curtis Fitch said they would contact the supplier, explain the process and sort out preparation for the auction with them. I had very little input throughout the process.’

Would you use Curtis Fitch to run managed events in the future or recommend our services?

‘Absolutely. I’ve already penciled in a few areas where an online auction would save us time and probably deliver increased cost savings than we otherwise would have achieved. I will be promoting these to my procurement colleagues who are responsible for these areas of spend. Whilst these are fairly obvious areas, I think that most things, if set up well by which I mean the data provided by easyJet is robust, can be auctioned in a variety of ways, so I think there are further opportunities’