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‘Faced with little awareness of the platform and the benefits of eSourcing, we had a big task on our hands- engage senior stakeholders and drive buy in across divisions to ensure widespread adoption. This was an educational programme which had to deliver the results to prove its worth. Projects were delivered in an unstructured way and a lack of process and templates led to a haphazard approach. We were also missing strategic approach to contract management. The system had become a ‘dumping ground’ for contract data but was not being used to it’s full management capabilities.

So, with the support of Curtis Fitch we went about a transformation process. The starting point was to develop specific eSourcing templates and embed a process across the application of the software. Using the expertise of Curtis Fitch consultancy and implementation management we were able to develop a new, structured approach to our eSourcing projects.

‘In the last year we have been amazed at the way Curtis Fitch engage and involve their customers in their development roadmap. They listen and they react to what their customers want in a structured, process driven way.

What’s more the results are visible. They deliver what they set out to deliver and that is really important.’

Engaging senior stakeholders and highlighting risk was an important part of transforming our approach to contracts from a simple ‘storage solution’ to a dynamic, comprehensive contract management tool. The Curtis Fitch Contracts product in combination with a data cleansing exercise enabled us to manage supplier contracts, ensuring compliance and risk mitigation. With technology and process in place, engagement and buy in across category managers was an easy sell.

As a result of this we have become more efficient and have saved a great deal of time. Most importantly we have reasserted our professionalism across our supply base. Upholding reputational value across suppliers as a leading retailer is a really important part of what we deliver. Curtis Fitch have enabled us not only to manage our suppliers effectively, but build stronger relationships with our partners. We now have a true supply base management solution which has become our ‘go to’ place for the day to day management of suppliers.’

eSourcing Manager, Procurement Business Service Centre of John Lewis Partnership