Curtis FitchCurtis Fitch

Streamlined Sourcing

Curtis Fitch and South West Water

‘Curtis Fitch has provided South West Water with a fully functional customised electronic sourcing platform with a friendly user interface for both internal and external users’

‘Prior to implementing CF Source we faced real challenges around the way we managed our communications to potential tenders. It was tricky to ensure compliance with EU procurement rules within the tender process because there was no simple way of driving this and managing submissions. Comparing responses, therefore, was so much more of a headache.

Now we have an adaptable reporting facility which gives you the ability to analyse results simultaneously and present in multiple ways.  Because of this, sharing information has become routine and has allowed us to communicate easily with stakeholders and involve them in the process.

Before communication was limited to individual outboxes with no central message hub to manage comms and capture audit. We now have full messaging facility to broadcast to all suppliers and manage queries which broadens visibility and also ensures we have a full communication trail in one place.

CF Source has allowed South West Water to standardise their approach to eSourcing and drive compliance across teams through the creation of templates, communication visibility and a collaborative platform. We can capture data across   multiple areas of spend and now lock down our tenders whilst providing the detailed audit trail we are required to log.’

Steve Williams, Category Manager, South West Water