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CF Customer Profile

CF are always proud to welcome another customer to our client base so we thought it would be good to share a little insight into what some of our new customers do. It’s great to have such a wide and varied network of clients spanning across so many industry sectors as it allows us to see our software applied in all sorts of different contexts.

James Wilks of Clinical Procurement Solutions tells CF about the core objectives of their business and how CF Source is being used.

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What it’s really like to work for Curtis Fitch- my CF career

Companies often say they are ‘great to work for’ but what is it really like behind the office doors?

We talk to CF employees to get their opinion on what working for Curtis Fitch means to them- getting the inside track on the environment, culture and opportunities offered.

From our CEOs to newly hired graduates we look to get real, honest insight into the Curtis Fitch experience and will be posting a number of articles that looks at the people behind the business.

First we catch up with Software Developer Calum who tells us how it is working for CF.

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You told us, we listened…and we have something to show you

Sometimes, beneath the seemingly, quiet surface, something bigger is stirring. That has certainly been the case with the Curtis Fitch web support project.

Whilst we are still writing, designing and editing this fresh new content we are certainly closer to our Summer 15 launch.

So, in the case of this update, action (or rather video) speaks louder than words.

Please take some time to watch the below and gain an insight into the progress of our web support project.



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CF Contracts- the seal of approval
What it’s really like to work for Curtis Fitch- my CF career