Curtis FitchCurtis Fitch

Access, monitor and analyse all of your procurement data in one easy-to-view place.


Key Benefits

  • View all of your eSourcing data in one attractive, easy-to-access hub
  • Get quick answers to a range of supply-chain questions
  • Monitor performance, risk and establish areas for cost saving
  • Export your findings for easy reporting
Contract Management

What Is CF Analytics?

CF Analytics is an easy-to-view data hub, enabling you to find and analyse a wealth of information when it comes to your procurement contracts; from how your current suppliers are performing to any potential saving opportunities available to you.

How Does It Work?

By bringing your procurement data to life, CF Analytics gives you the tools to take an in-depth look at every level of your procurement process to enable you to make informed supply-chain decisions; creating beautiful dashboards and reports to present your findings.

Visualising your eSourcing data in an easy-to-follow, attractive format, CF Analytics gives you the tools required to identify, segment and analyse specific information relating to your procurement contracts; whether that be finding the right supplier for the right job, identifying high-risk contracts or establishing exactly where you can save money. Its excellent API also enables seamless integration with a variety of other programmes.

Want to find out more? Give a member of our team a call- they’d be happy to discuss exactly how CF Analytics could work for you.