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A complete solution for all of your contracting needs, enabling you to build, store and control contracts safely and securely.


Key Benefits

  • Create, amend and store contracts securely
  • Easy-to-search contract library accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Monitor supplier performance against bespoke KPIs
  • Alerts when key contracts are up for review/ renewal
Contract Management

What is CF Contracts?

With CF Contracts, all of your contracting needs are taken care of in one secure place, giving you access to them anytime, anywhere. Our platform takes care of the complete contract lifecycle for you, from creation, to stakeholder approval, completion and safe storage.

How Does It Work?

CF Contracts provides an entirely secure cloud-based contract creation and storage solution to help you keep on top of your supply needs. With fully configurable templates, branded to your business, you can build bespoke contracts to send to suppliers, whilst customisable fields and an automated Clause Library make amending existing contracts as easy as possible.

What’s more, CF Contracts’ unique KPI Management tool gives you the ability to monitor and assess supplier performance during the lifecycle of their contract with you, alerting you when contract review or renewal dates come up; leaving you fully in control.

Want to find out more? Give a member of our team a call- they’d be happy to discuss exactly how CF Contracts could work for you.

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