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Create, control and configure your own templates with Contract Builder in CF Contracts


Create, control and configure your own templates and build out customized clause libraries.

Create and customise clauses for any contract you need.

Simply group your customised clauses to create a suite of contract templates used across your business.

These powerful creation tools allow you to define, customise and manage your contract clauses building as many contract templates as your business need.

Auto-Clause selection:

So you need to build your contract based on supplier meta-data? No problem, link your clauses to contract meta-data and auto-populate your contract document with pre-defined clauses.

and Audit

Communication and audit records are a pretty fundamental part of creating, storing and managing contracts. That’s why CF Contracts has an easy to use message centre and full audit hub capturing time, date and action stamp across all activity… communicate with peace of mind.

Approval Workflow and Track Changes

Get the full picture- involve buyer, supplier, legal and stakeholders in your contract approval process. When you’re ready to send your contract for approval we have everything covered so that you involve the right people at the right time.

Internal Approval

  • Allow approvers to view and edit with track changes
  • See approvers’ comments and feedback
  • View approval status
  • Set approver reminder

Supplier Approval

  • Select documents for supplier approval
  • Grant actions on permissions
  • Optional track changes ensuring buyer accepts changes
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