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Remove risk and ensure compliance across your supplier contracts


Configurable Templates

With CF Contracts you have full flexibility and control over your contract templates. Completely customisable- our technology is about as nimble as you can get.

User defined fields mean that you can capture contract information that is worth reporting on. And by using your field library you can build out as many contract templates as your business needs- creating a centralised, global data base of all your contract data.

A wealth of options

Contractual Hierachy

Tiering your contracts is easy. Users can quickly created multiple subcontracts within a master contract and create a contract hierarchy.

Full audit

Full activity audit across all your contracts. Actions are user, time and date stamped including updates, document approvals / uploads, notifications and stakeholder activity. In other words, we have got your back.

Stakeholders access

CF Contracts lets you add any stakeholder to a contract. Need them to view, approve or suggest changes? No problem. Stakeholder access levels, approval workflow and track changes make all this possible.

Contractual Privacy

We understand that security is important.
When it comes to contracts it’s a no brainer.

The key word is flexibility.
From locking a contract down to one individual to creating ‘team privacy’ the platform allows you to tailor your privacy levels however you need. Stakeholders can be granted exclusive access to any selected contract and access levels give further control over reader, author, editor and manager rights. What does this do? Ensures the highest security levels in your business- no sweat.

Set a date with CF Milestones

Set a milestone to any selected date or just auto-link to the start and end date of the contract. You can have as many milestones as you need for each contract, set reminders, re-occurrences and configure the milestone type to your own business processes. Milestone alerts can appear on your homepage and straight in your inbox. We have every angle covered to make sure you’re proactively managing your contracts so you are never on the back foot.

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