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Finding the right supplier for your business has never been easier with our easy to use, completely customisable supplier-questionnaire programme.


Key Benefits

  • Fully customisable questionnaires branded to your company
  • Easily shortlist suppliers who are right for you
  • Score potential suppliers based on suitability
  • Minimise risk by ensuring potential suppliers comply at every level
Contract Management

What is CF Insight?

With CF Insight, you’re able to shortlist the best potential suppliers for your business no matter what your need, ensuring that only the most relevant suppliers make it through to the approval stage.

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How Does It Work?

CF Insight allows you to create fully customisable questionnaires containing all of the questions you need to ask suppliers in order to shortlist your best potential options. From simple yes/no questions, to those with answers that require complex formulas or multiple file uploads, anything is possible.

Once the questionnaire has been completed, CF Insight then keeps a ‘scorecard’ that enables you to rate a potential supplier’s suitability across a range of areas; giving you the ability to send reports to key stakeholders at any time.


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