Curtis FitchCurtis Fitch

Work it out with Workflow.

Not a developer in sight.

Out of the box technology that allows you, in a few simple clicks, to design and create any workflow you require to on-board, pre-qualify or simply create a directory across your supply base.


What can I do?

Pretty much anything… but these are some of ways our InSight users are benefitting:

  • On-board, pre-qualify, simply capture data
  • Totally flexible workflow technology allow you to create and replicate your offline business processes.
  • Modify our technology and produce sophisticated workflows that cohere across multiple business functions
  • Capture specific information from your suppliers
  • Edit, change, recreate questions and workflow paths whenever and wherever you need
  • Direct new supplier enquiries and easily capture information to create a supplier directory

Tech Talk

  • Configurable standard fields
  • Configure and allocate status’ across supplier base
  • Questionnaire creation, branching questions and scoring.
  • Flexible workflow
  • Design a pre registration page to provide information to respondent’s on process
  • Full access right options

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