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Make procurement for your business easier than ever with our easy-to-use complete eSourcing platform.


Key Benefits

  • Standardize your procurement processes across the board in a fully audited environment
  • Enable cross-team collaboration on a variety of procurement projects
  • Let us run your eSourcing events for you- saving you time and money
Contract Management

What Is CF Source?

CF Source is a one-stop project management solution for all of your procurement needs, providing a simple way to implement, collaborate on and standardise eSourcing processes across your business.

How Does It Work?

Acting as a complete procurement project management platform, CF Source gives you all of the tools you need to standardize, create and run online supplier-sourcing events when your contracts come up for renewal.

Our easy-to-use eSourcing platform enables you to create bespoke, standardised sourcing processes for all of your teams to use, with collaboration tools and comprehensive reporting mechanisms to give you full control at every stage of the sourcing process. To save you time and money, our expert Managed Events team can even run your sourcing event for you, using their expertise to maximise your saving opportunities.

Want to find out more? Give a member of our team a call- they’d be happy to discuss exactly how CF Source could work for you.

Source offers three types of events


RFx, RFI, RFP, etender, ITT… There are a lot of acronyms. We cover them all. Let’s just call it RFx. Whether you just want to run a request for information or negotiate a new contract we give you a range of functionality to do just this.

  • Template creation
  • Both import and manual options
  • Complex formulas line items
  • Customizable design
  • Score

Quick Quote

Lite-Sourcing. Tactical, smart, super quick. In fact, in the time you have read this someone has probably just completed a Quick Quote…

  • Lite sourcing
  • Tactical
  • 1 page setup
  • Easy cross-function roll out
  • Standardise buying process across the business

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Owning the edge on software technology has always been our strong point; never content with sub-standard offerings we have developed auction technologies that are completely unique. These game changing designs have been instrumental to both customers and participants.

So is this a sign of world world eAuction domination?

Absolutely… So don’t get left behind.

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Curtis Fitch Benefit Tracker

Benefit Tracker

You need to monitor your financials. Because of this we have designed the Benefit Tracker.

This allows you to track your spend and savings against your budget.

Smart financial tracking fulfilling your MI needs.

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