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Who has the edge on global, auction technology?

You’re looking at us.


We have created a lot of Auctions in our time and have developed a number of highly innovative technologies to give our customers complete flexibility over design and strategy.

We have all the types you need; English, Japanese and Dutch, all available to run forwards or reverse. Your auctions can be multi-directional, multi-attribute or multi-unit AND we’ve created a library of training videos to help you learn more.

As well as the flexibility in setup you can also change the rules of your live event on the fly, on multiple devices, deploying complex strategy using game theory techniques.

What’s more we will even run them for you when you use our Managed Events service.

Type of auctions

English Auction

Forward, reverse, closed or open… like we said ‘we’re flexible’ and the English Auction type allows you to put this flexibility into play.

Japanese Auction

Based on the traditional Fixed changes in price happen over set time intervals and all bidders must press the button to confirm they agree to the price shown until they reach their final price.

Dutch Auction

Press the button once to win the auction. Fixed changes in price happen over set time intervals until one bidder presses the button and wins the event.

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