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By Kelly Rogers

The Curtis Fitch conversational drought is over. It’s been a long time since we have said, well, anything at all and for that we are sorry. But we have been busy.

‘But what have you been doing?’ we hear you cry. Well listen up.

2 years ago we had a complex and feature rich product.  It allowed end users to build complicated processes and workflows. It had a plethora of functionality, some of which I still don’t understand, and its breadth grew from a limited line item auction tool to a full and robust source to contract platform. But herein lay the problem. Yes, it did everything but nothing was simple. It was complicated, difficult to understand and often frustrating, particularly if you wanted to do something quickly. It was as far from fool proof as one could be, and I mean that quite literally.

Here at Curtis Fitch I am the lowest common denominator when it comes to technical ability (I am the fool proof test). If I understand something it’s usually pretty simple.  If there is a technical conversation, I am the last person to be consulted. My brain just does not work in that way. Before we began our journey to simplification I spent much of my time bamboozled by stuff and was often left scratching my head at the end of the day.

What’s this got to do with anything? Well, I guess, if someone could make the software so easy that even I could use it, then surely that was a good thing? Not everyone is a technical whizz but most of us do want to do our jobs well.

So for the past 2 years our development team has been working hard at making the CF Suite easier to use, yet retaining all the platform’s capabilities. This means that the application does not need to be studied in great detail before allowing you to create a contract or set up a project task. You can complete actions quickly without having to think too much (excellent!)

In fact, it’s now so easy that even I can use it. We have even created a sign up for free option to give everyone the opportunity to see for themselves. That means it is more accessible than ever.

If we actually start to talk about it.

So here we are. The first Curtis Fitch newsletter. Where I have summarised 2 years of hard slog in a few measly paragraphs.

However going forward we are going to publish updates more regularly to keep existing customers and followers updated on what we are doing, post a few industry related topics and let you access our software feature notes. So please follow us to keep up to date with Curtis Fitch.

We are going to have a lot more to say.

Kelly Rogers
About Kelly Rogers
Happiest chatting or writing (handy given my job eh?) I also spend my time walking a scruffy hound called Miss Nibbles, making my flat look pretty (difficult when living with aforementioned canine) and consider myself a professional shopper.
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