Curtis FitchCurtis Fitch

By Dave Webley

Welcome to the first edition of Desk Diaries. We’re asking everyone to frantically tidy their desks, leaving only the three most important objects. I (Calum) will take one for the team and go first!


It’s widely agreed that this mug is a bit ‘loud’ but it was a Christmas present and it sits proudly on my desk. I’m fairly agnostic about hot drinks, so depending on my mood I’ll switch between instant coffee, which I can be a little snobbish about, and tea, which I am particularly snobbish about. Loose-leaf breakfast, one spoon per person plus one for the pot, splash of milk.


In my job, I’m often sifting through voiceover tracks recorded with another member of the team, listening out for background conversations in the ‘bullpen’ or trying to hide the noise from a pneumatic drill outside. Closed headphones are quite useful for zoning out my noisy table-mates but also, you’ll never know which corner of my eclectic music taste you’re not hearing. It could be ‘alternative’, maybe Radiohead, ‘cool’ like Kendrick Lamar, or ‘shameful’, like Justin Timberlake.

Actually, I take that back, there is no shame.

Camera Lens

I’ve learnt a lot about photography in my video-making capabilities at Curtis Fitch, not least that people don’t like having a camera in their face.  When I need someone to look relatively natural, I’ll use this 70-200mm and hope that I’m not spotted. But most of the time, I’m asking people to look directly into the camera for a video, so I’ll use something a bit smaller and put a light in their face instead. Apparently that’s not much better.

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