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By Kelly Rogers

German, Portuguese, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch and Italian… that’s a lot of vocabulary to get your head around! With all of these languages already available across CF Suite’s Quick Quote and supplier navigation we’re excited to now add Korean and Czech to the linguistic mix.

With the growth of technology, the world is getting a whole lot smaller. Businesses can interact globally with relative ease and dialogue can now be facilitated through online transactions helping to build international relationships. With software applications like CF Suite it becomes easier to  break down location constraints allowing you to focus less on geography and more on sourcing the best value from global suppliers.

Whilst we can’t translate your RFPs for you we can help your suppliers and Quick Quote users navigate the software in their native language- optimising the user experience and supporting the way your suppliers and buyers engage with the platform.

The new language packs for Korean and Czech are available across 5.3 sites in Quick Quote and across the supplier navigation.

If you would like to find out more about Curtis Fitch’s multi-language roadmap then why not get in touch? We would love to hear from you…


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