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By Kelly Rogers

From our CEOs to newly hired graduates we look to get real, honest insight into the Curtis Fitch experience and will be posting a number of articles that looks at the people behind the business.

For the third instalment in our ‘working for CF’ series we catch up with our Business Development Manager, Emma Wood. Emma gives us the low down on her approach toward new business and being a part of the Curtis Fitch ‘family’.

Working for CF

I look after business development so my role is about introducing prospective customers the CF Suite platform and the Curtis Fitch brand.
Originally I started here as a temp, working on a contract migration project for one of our customers. I then left to complete a ski season but was invited back to fulfil a graduate position as a Business Consultant, overseeing the DeBeers’ relationship and working alongside another colleague to manage the sale of their rough diamonds through the suite’s auction technology. As you can imagine, this was a pretty exciting opportunity for someone who had not long left university particularly working with such a huge, established brand.
Curtis Fitch recognised that my strengths lay in my ability to interact and advise our customers and  very quickly handed me another new challenge this time as junior account manager. Having a second opportunity in such a short space of time made me feel incredibly valued and I knew I had a long term future with a company so willing to invest in me. It wasn’t long, therefore, before I was on the move again and this time into the Business Development team.
Here at Curtis Fitch we take a consultative approach to sales. Our focus is on integrity, openness and software knowledge. Selling for us is merely about understanding the client problem and providing the solution so we prefer to take a more consultative approach. Because of my prior experience CF allows me to approach sales from a consultative perspective rather than pressurise customers with a hard sell. Having worked here for two years I really know the product and its application. My job is to demonstrate how our technology can solve a problem. I’m not set unrealistic targets, which may seem unorthodox in a sales position, however our core objective is about building quality relationships not the quantity of leads in our sales pipeline. I care about the future of our client relationships. If I were to take a fast paced, hard sell approach this would only be to the detriment of the future engagement with that customer. The end objective is to build strong partnerships with clients and that journey starts with me.
I’m really passionate about CF. I’m selling a product that I genuinely believe in. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m pretty straight talking! I couldn’t possibly endorse a product that I didn’t back 100%. Not only that, I feel privileged that I get to work in such a great environment. Teamwork is a key theme here. I know it’s been said before but we really are like a big family and this culture is felt right the way through from our CEOs to university placement students. I’ve met some of my best friends working here.
Curtis Fitch has offered me so much as a company. I get total autonomy over my role, the opportunity to work with a great group of people and I’m selling a really exciting product that I truly believe in. I feel like a valued individual rather than just a cog in a big machine.
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