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By Dave Webley

CF are super excited to welcome a truly innovative organisation to our client base. Viridor take waste and transform it into marvellous things. Things that we need. They breathe life into items we throw away and prove that there is no such thing as ‘rubbish’.

We thought it would be good to chat to Viridor and share a little more insight into what this organisation does and how they plan to use CF Suite.

About Viridor

Viridor are committed to giving the world’s resources new life. Whether those resources are collected by our vehicles from a primary school in Kent or delivered into one of our Energy Recovery Facilities, Viridor transform ‘waste’ into the items and energy that society will need tomorrow.

Gone is the traditional ‘waste’ collection and disposal company. Viridor has established two distinct business units, Recycling and Resources and Energy. These business units focus company time and expertise on the services that customers want.

Viridor provides recycling services across a diverse customer base that includes small businesses, large corporations and local authorities. Focused on supporting these customers meet their needs, Viridor provides a reliable local service at an affordable cost while diverting waste away from landfills. The company’s energy division, meanwhile, will consistently focus on squeezing the last drop of value from non-recyclable ‘waste’. Viridor continues to lead the UK’s resources industry in establishing next-generation technologies to produce high levels of green energy.

How are Viridor planning to use CF, what problems are they hoping to solve and what benefits are they hoping to see? 

Phil Davies, Head of Procurement at Viridor said, “in order for the recently formed Procurement Department to efficiently and sustainably deliver its strategic Procurement plan, a more structured, less onerous and more easily replicated tendering process was required.

Following a competitive process, Curtis Fitch was selected as our partner. They offered a cost effective, modular suite containing an e-sourcing module, a project management module and a contract management module which, when combined, would allow a seamless 360⁰ view of sourcing activities across the business.”


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Welcoming… Viridor