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By Kelly Rogers

Companies often say they are ‘great to work for’ but what is it really like behind the office doors?

We talk to CF employees to get their opinion on what working for Curtis Fitch means to them- getting the inside track on the environment, culture and opportunities offered.

From our CEOs to newly hired graduates we look to get real, honest insight into the Curtis Fitch experience and will be posting a number of articles that looks at the people behind the business.

First we catch up with Software Developer Calum who tells us how it is working for CF.

Calum Goodchild, Software Developer

‘ I came fresh out of uni to Curtis Fitch, in fact I started out as a placement student and liked it so much I came back after my final year of studying multi media web design. I now work for Curtis Fitch as a Software Developer. I’m currently working on a number of exciting internal projects- for example developments to our internal work log system, looking at designing and optimising the way our system handles customer ideas and feedback.

Why did I want to come back?

The environment, the culture and the individuals that work here. There is a genuine bond between all of us as a team. Nothing in this environment feels forced- there is a real authenticity about the friendships and relationships that are formed.

In some ways It’s quite unorthodox. I talk to our CEOs as my friends yet I respect them as the leaders of our company. I understand that the business is being strategically led and important commercial decisions are being made every day… at the same time this doesn’t stop us all having a beer after work and acting like a big family. Because of this rather unique dynamic it is simply a great place to work.

In addition my line managers give me all the support I need. I can say wholeheartedly, I have all the backup I need to succeed in this job role.

I feel that here I actually have a real impact on the business. I feel I am, every day, making important contributions to Curtis Fitch something which is not always possible in a larger company, especially for a graduate. Curtis Fitch empowers you so you get a sense that your role is important and you are valued entirely. That’s incredibly reassuring particularly when you are just entering into the job space. Without this, as a graduate, I can imagine the whole experience could totally overwhelming and frightening!

I would never have taken this job unless I could see myself here in 5 years time having taken on and progressed into a more strategic position- I know that CF can offer, and want to help me, progress in my career. Given I have just left uni I’m still quite inexperienced and I think that a lot of companies might disregard someone like me- passing off my contributions as being too green and unfounded at this stage in my career. That simply isn’t the case here. Everyone’s opinion and thoughts are valued. I think this is what makes us so innovative as an organisation.’


Kelly Rogers
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